Dienes expansion elements – reliability and easy of use

Our offer includes a variety of high-quality and cost-competitive, easy-to-use products designed for both standard applications and individual customer requirements. Our engineers are always ready to help you – to find the right solution for all your shaft application needs.

Among the expansion elements, mechanical or pneumatic chuck and shafts are most often used.

Mechanical expansion chucks , torque activated and its main features.

  • The centrifugal force of expansion elements increases with increasing tension force.
  • The applied design solution causes that the smooth expansion elements (jaws) of the chucks do not damage the cores and enable its multiple use.
  • Automatic roll centering.
  • Possibility to use one stepped chuck for different core diameters.
  • The expansion chuck can be used to fix cores made of various materials.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Reliability guaranteed.

Pneumatic expansion chucks shaft mounted.

  • Weight reduction by 30-50% compared to traditional expansion elements.
  • Polyurethane bladder as an expanding element with high abrasion resistance, ensures a return to the initial dimensions after expansion (shape memory).
  • Quick mounting of cores, easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Light and durable construction.
  • Reliability guaranteed.

Expansion shafts.

They can be used for various diameter of cores . The clamping element of the core are expansion strips.

  • Perfect for winding and unwinding of various roll diameters.
  • Used for high loads on the weight of the wound / unwound material and high speeds.
  • Various materials (aluminum, steel, carbon fiber) adapted to individual customer requirements and production conditions.
  • High quality and reliability of work due to the use of a unique system of fixing the shaft ends.
  • Mechanical / pneumatic versions.
  • Reliability guaranteed.


In addition to our standard products, we also offer shafts and heads corresponding to individual customer requirements, which are dedicated to special applications or new machine designs.