Knife holders

Dienes pneumatically actuated knife holders set the highest standard, which is extremely difficult for other manufacturers to achieve. Using a wide range of different designs and types of luminaires, we are always able to make the optimal choice for a given application. Whether we consider simple models of shaft-mounted luminaires or the Premium, Elite and Ultimate series, we will always find the right solution.

Particularly noteworthy are the fixtures from the Dienes-DF and Dienes-DS series, whose characteristic feature is the design based on the double guiding of the vertical knife stroke. Thanks to this solution, we virtually eliminate play at the piston-cylinder connection. What are the benefits for the users of our luminaires? It should be mentioned here:

  • optimal work efficiency;
  • stability and repeatability of cutting parameters over a long period of operation;
  • easy setting and control of operating parameters;
  • stability of the so-called cutting point;
  • minimization of setup times,
  • longer life of the knives,
  • reduction of dust during cutting and improvement of the quality of the cutting edge;
  • limiting the so-called the human factor in the process;
  • reduction of production costs;

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Knife holders. The right knife holder for every slit.

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