About us


The DIENES company has many years of tradition. It was founded in 1913 in Remscheid, Germany by Karl Rudolf Dienes. Starting his work in difficult times, he took up the challenge of adapting the manufactured tools and technological solutions in the field of cutting technology to the specific requirements of customers. In this way, he laid the foundations for the Dienes group that exists today. Today, the group is managed by the third generation – Brothers Bernd and Rudolf Supe-Dienes and is today the world’s leading provider of cutting technology solutions, manufacturer of industrial knives, knife holders and cutting systems, as well as an innovative partner for compressor valves. The work of nearly 500 people performed in various places around the world, including Germany, Poland, France, the United States, and Asia, is coordinated from the company’s headquarters in Overath near Cologne.

The Dienes Polska branch was established in 1997. Our offer includes:

  • deliveries of circular industrial knives, knife holders, technological solutions in the field of cutting techniques, including new installations and modernization of existing machines with the use of cutting stations with positioning systems,
  • supplies of straight knives, cutting sticks,
  • delivery of tools, optimization calculations of tool sets as part of the equipment of slitting units for sheet metal,
  • deliveries of expansion elements (shafts and chucks),
  • deliveries of doctor blades for paper and other machines,
  • grinding service of industrial circular knives, straight knives, shafts,
  • warranty and post-warranty service of knife fittings,
  • training as part of the cutting academy (technical support, seminars, cutting tests, selection of cutting tools and technology),

Our tools and services are used in the production and processing of various materials, including: paper, foil, labels, plastics, cardboard, textiles, nonwoven, rubber, aluminum, steel sheets and many others, as well as in food processing.

The specialist knowledge of our employees, the highest quality products, speed of action and the ability to solve problems in the field of cutting techniques make us a partner worth trusting.