rolls for preliminary and precision straighteners

Dienes Polska specializes in the sale of various types of rolls for preliminary and precision straighteners in cross-cutting lines for steel and non-ferrous metals. They are an excellent replacement for the original manufacturer’s equipment. Proven, top-quality materials from renowned European manufacturers are used for the production of rolls. The basis are alloyed steels containing chromium, molybdenum and vanadium to obtain the best micro grain structure. In conjunction with optimal heat treatment, the rollers are prepared to meet the demands placed on them.

Chrome coating, polishing or other forms of finishing the working surface of the roll are possible depending on individual customer requirements.

Dienes Polska is able to modify the set of rollers in the straightener by adapting them to higher static and dynamic loads, to increase the speed of the process or to increase resistance to high temperature. Modification areas may include, for example, a change in geometry, the use of higher load capacity bearings, or a change in lubrication.

Dienes Polska listens to the suggestions of its customers, thanks to which the experience gained over the years results in even better solutions, and each roll is “made to measure”.

The following elements are the most important to guarantee the correct operation of the straightener and to ensure the long life of the rolls:

  • Uniform induction heat treatment.
  • Correct Surface hardness accordingly to lamination process needs and typeof roll.
  • Suitable induction hardened layer to guarantee lifetime of roll.
  • Tolerances such as roundness, concentricity and straightness within 0.020 mm.
  • Surface free from marks (helicoid grinding mark, dots, grinding burn/cracks, etc.)
  • Surface roughness in accordance with the process requirements (Ra) without surface defects, mirror finish.
  • Barrel shape of the cylindrical surface of the support rollers.
  • Identical roller diameters throughout the set